Fatimah Calidius

Fatimah Calidius
Title Recruiter
Nationality Hegemony
Location O-ring station
Social status Ambitious non-noble
Occupation Recruiter, mole
Allegiance CAUP, her son

Name: Calidius, Fatima
Age: 32, born 3135 on [FIELD BLANK], settled on Aintuts Erriane (0703 Castaxial) 3138
Family: Unmarried, son Idowu (6) (father [FIELD BLANK])
Position: Senior Recruiter, no marks. Promoted to position in August 3166
History: Local education. Junior Settler Manager 40-45, Settler grievance service -45-51 on Aintuts Erriane. Came to O-ring station -52 as Junior Recruiter. Junior Recruiter 52-58, Value Enrichment program 59-60, Recruiter 61-63, Senior recruiter 62-Current


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