Nikiton von Mafa
Nikiton von Mafa
Activity Securing
Title Lord
Race Human
Nationality Hegemony
Location Origin station
Occupation Diplomatic Security
Allegiance Hegeomony

Not the gentlest of all the Hegemony officals. But then his job is not to be nice but to manage security for the Diplomatic corps.


FTSB 4-1

Questions, questions and more questions

Mr Gown and Minakshi found themselves after the bomb incident ushered into a gathering room. The guards, the release of any and all electronic devices, and the intermittent questioning gave the feeling of a detention area. The interrogator, Lord Nikiton von Mafa, gave all the detainees several questioning sessions. During one Minakshi dropped the name of a feared Hegemony secret governmental organisation and that she were on a mission by them. Due to their nature verifications were difficult and all Lord von Mafa had to go on was Minakshi's (bogus) story.

Secret stuff

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