FTSB Session 6
FTSB Session 6
Date August 16th
Experience 3
Ingame dates SD-3167.05.06 - 05.13
Involved Colin, Minakshi, Mr Gown

FTSB 6-1

Removing a tail

As you kept Fatima under watch as she went to a location you mentioned in the message you noticed her tail. Or protection. To create a diversion Minakshi set off the sector's emergency alarms giving Colin an opportunity to take out the remaining security from Lazarus Security Services.

FTSB 6-2

Fatima onboard?

In the chaos Mr Gown approached and got her to come to the ship for extraction. During the hurried walk over she talked a fair bit about her son, whom you had forgotten about despite him being mentioned in the file. Upon arriving at the ship and realizing she had been duped she wanted no more with you and you had to restrain her, and during the scuffle her name badge got ripped off.

FTSB 6-3


With Fatima on board you disconnected from the station and started making preparation for the trip to 1105 / Parra / Hroa, the CAUP homeworld. Meanwhile you game her new clothing to over her possessions to make sure she did not have any tracking devices on her. But little did you know that the device was already removed from her clothing. Half an hour after making the extraction you saw two hegemony system-only fighters speeding towards you. So you punched it and managed to clear the system before having your engines disabled.

FTSB 6-4

Fresh credits

Going initially to 0805 / Khaya / Ralos / Trud-2 and Minakshi's contact there who could purchase the information of the psionics dampening crystals, you felt relieved when the spike drive kicked in and you left 0707 / Origin System. Almost a week later you entered into highly disputed system and luckily for you Trud-2 over Ralos were in CAUP space. So you docked with the system and got a meeting with Albert Singh, the manager of the station. He purchased the information and then you sent on a shopping spree commissioning the station's various workshops. Meanwhile back on the ship Mr Gown made sure Fatima stayed in her cabin when a message arrived.



Experience: 3

Notable Loots
Fatima Calidius
Lost Psionics Crystal data
Fat Stacks of credits you promptly spent

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