FTSB Session 8
FTSB Session 8
Date August 30th
Experience 2
Ingame dates SD-3167.05.14

FTSB 8-1

Meeting Tsos

Before you got far into the facility what appeared to be a very good hologram welcomed you. As you interacted with it you came to realize that it was no ordinary system behind it, "true AI" was whispered. But it was a curious system, inquiring about you and revealing a desire to reconnect with its "brothers and sisters among the stars". Using its desires you got access to the facility's data system under the pretense of updating starcharts. While in the systems efforts were made to find out what Tsos was and what it was building in the center of the facility. The facility also had a strange influence on you, dulling and placating your minds.

FTSB 8-2

Hasty exit

Tsos did not appreciate you digging around and sent its mind-controlled drones after you. Fighting your way out of the complex Minakshi took grievous hits and a drone in a Mech Suit made life troubling for you. What saved you was the reinforced doors of the airlock to the outside. Physically stopping the Mech Suit and something else stopping Tsos preventing it from entering the airlock. Once you got outside whatever were effecting your mind disappeared.

FTSB 8-3

Hotshot Fatima

As soon as you got outside your devices notified you repeatedly of intruders at your ship, and these messages had been tried to be delivered for a while… Near your ship you found an overlook to observe instead of walking blindly into whatever was there. What you saw did not calm you. A group of locals and one in a Mech Suit were trying to dissemble the ship. Weiging your options you desired to let Fatima out of her cell and give her access to the ship and her weapons. Shortly thereafter as the barrels were read of heat the intruders were slain and the ship yours again.

FTSB 8-4

Hottest Fatima

Lowering the boarding ramp Minakshi made her way on-board. But she did not get far as at the top of Fatima stood with a laser pistol she got from the ships locker. After shooting Minakshi in the chest she hurriedly made her way to the cockpit to try and lift off. Unable to get many feet off the ground she was subdued and tossed back in her room. having had enough of Ralos you loaded up the Mech Suit before leaving the hot corrosive hellhole.



Experience: 2

Notable Loots
Broken Specialist Mech suit chassi

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