FTSB Session 9
FTSB Session 9
Date September 6th
Experience 3
Ingame dates SD-3167.05.14-.05.17

FTSB 9-1

Reporting back

Leaving Ralos quicker than you arrived you set course straight for Albert Singh and his station. The information about the locals appeared at least somewhat new to him. Needing to confirm the data he offered you some refreshments in an adjacent room while he sent out some drones.

FTSB 9-2


In the adjacent room you were ambushed by Ilyas Kasim-Song, Hegemony liaison to CAUP in the system, and his CAUP handler, Yelena Decius. Mr Kasim-Song delivered to you a warrant for your arrest for the kidnapping of Fatima. After revealing she was on your ship, but willingly, you agreed to letting Miss Decius to talk to her. That went as well as expected and Miss Decius had no option than to execute the arrest, including giving Fatima her freedom. Despite repeatedly telling her you were working for Helena Floros.

FTSB 9-3

Juridical Adventures

Instead of running you agreed to be arrested. You got yourself a lawyer, Charis Travadi from Frontier Law, who while costing a fair bit would prove to be worth her cost. Due to CAUP doing the arrest in their territory they could claim jurisdiction over your sentencing, while the Hegemony demanded the rights due to the crime being made against a Hegemony citizen. Due to CAUP not willing to work with you to cover up things (what things?) you got Hegemony jurisdiction over you and made a deal selling out mr Singh and his plans to the local Hegemony Admiral in the system, NAME. After a sham trial and sentencing on one of their stations in the system you were set "free".



Experience: 3

Notable loots
Got rid of Fatima

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