FTSB Session 10
FTSB Session 10
Date September 13th
Experience 2. Colin, Kira, Minakshi
Ingame dates SD-3167.05.14-.05.17

FTSB 10-1

Indentured servitude

Despite your trial and sentencing being just a facade and your many years of hard labour in a prison colony just propaganda you still were not free of the Hegemony. As your ship was confiscated you technically had no way off the Hegemony station. But as luck would have it your good Admiral friend did have use for you, trafficking weapons to a warlord in the 0106 / Gyda system.

FTSB 10-2

Messages about stuff

Once back on your ship you found messages from the workshops on Trud-2 you contracted for gear. Knowing you couldn't be seen, as you were supposed to be in prison, you realized you would need someone who values discretion. And you found Spike who after a moderate fee agreed to get your gear for you. With everything on board you started the long trip to 0106/ Gyda.

FTSB 10-3

Spreading news

During your month-long journey you agreed you didn't really wanted to to do the Hegemony's task. But not doing it, weaselling out or by any other means, you would get the Hegemony after you as they would brand you as fugitives. So once in 0106 / Gyda you contacted someone who could spread the information about the arms to the Michelton of Scott. And you found Maparah Jere who operated out of one of the floating gas mines of Wahoo. She agreed to spread it if you would take her to a beautiful world afterwards.

FTSB 10-4

Mine. Mine? MINE!

After allowing Maparah Jeere adequate time to spread the information you started your approach towards the palace of the Michelton. Flying past space debris from centuries of war you unknowingly passed through an old minefield. The first mine bounced off and exploded on a safe distance. The second attached itself to your hull. After exploring several ways to get rid of it or disarm it you ended up removing the part of the hull the mine was attached to. And in the process part of the ship as well. But in the end the mine was removed and your descent could be done safety.



Experience: 1
Goal: Colin, Kira, Minakshi

Notable loots
Black dataslab
Old mine primer
Pink bomb defusal vacsuit.

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