FTSB Session 2
FTSB Session 2
Date June 28th
Experience 2, Rama
Ingame dates SD-3167.04.12 to .04.27
Involved All

FTSB 2-1

Business on the Origin Station

12 days later after a few uneventful Spike drills origin Station welcomed you. Making contact with a buyer of the salvage, a Pallis Dai at the Yorki Lounge, you found him willing to take things off your hands. Minakshi sent message to buyer of the lab notes to verify interest and set up meeting (sent SD-3167.04.24).

FTSB 2-2

The embassy job

Needing time for the message to travel fou sought and found work. Helena Floros at the CAUP Welcome centre had need of discreet assets. The job was to infiltrate the Hegemony embassy and find out what was in the cargo they keep under extra guard.

FTSB 2-3

Preparing the infiltration

You spent a few days surveying the embassy and realized a very good way in was to pose as janitorial personnel, which the embassy has contracted out. A few swift blows to the head and Cameron and Mr Gown got themselves some spiffy new uniforms and cracked IDs.



Experience: 2 XP
Goal XP: Rama

Notable loots
3k credits from selling salvage
2.5k credits from accepting job

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