FTSB Session 4
FTSB Session 4
Date June 12th
Experience 2, Colin, Minakshi, Mr Gown
Ingame dates SD-3167.04.27 - .04.30

FTSB 4-1

Questions, questions and more questions

Mr Gown and Minakshi found themselves after the bomb incident ushered into a gathering room. The guards, the release of any and all electronic devices, and the intermittent questioning gave the feeling of a detention area. The interrogator, Lord Nikiton von Mafa, gave all the detainees several questioning sessions. During one Minakshi dropped the name of a feared Hegemony secret governmental organisation and that she were on a mission by them. Due to their nature verifications were difficult and all Lord von Mafa had to go on was Minakshi's (bogus) story.

FTSB 4-2

Electronic trail

Getting back to the ship in one piece Mr Gown noticed the ships communication relay, of which managed all your communications, was being probed. Knowing enough he managed to set up various traps for those trying to find out its location and elude discovery.

FTSB 4-3

Away from the Embassy

As the questioning dragged on a Hegemony staff came delivering nourishment, flavoured nutrient pudding in various textures. Under Minakshi's cup a small electronic message was put. But with no means of reading it it was left unread. Later that day all the detainees were released as they were cleared and when opportunity were given the small message was read - "Make scene, can get you out".

FTSB 4-4

Information exchange

After the commotion it was decided to lay low for a few days while going over the data gathered. Companies on the containers were the surveillance and security (arms) businesses, high end. On the data extracted from the Hegemony was various personnel files, contractive, diplomatic missives and HUS (Hegemony Unity Services) notes on personnel they have under surveillance. Including one CAUP mole. After laying low for two days you took this to Helena Floros, a meeting set up in a beauty salon, and upon hearing of the mole in the records tasked you with extracting her.



Experience: 2 XP
Goal XP: Colin, Gown, Rama

Notable loots
7k from jobs
Aristocrat blackmail (from stolen Hegemony data)
Bejewelled dagger (stolen from drugged patron in drug den)

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