Type World
Location 0106 / Gyda
Ruler None
Owner None
Population Dozens of millions
Prosperity Poor/Moderate
Other Warlords/Civil war

If it weren't for the war, well wars, that have ravaged the planet for the centuries since the Scream it would be a pleasant world. However the wars have destroyed the planet, the atmosphere is filled with greenhouse gasses, the soil is contaminated etc. Yet the war still rages.


Every part of life on Danassa is influenced by war. From mandatory military service, to premiums to families who manages to raise children to 16. Every child, woman and man who is strong enough to fire a rifle is expected to do so. Propaganda is everywhere. Every settlement is fortified, from humble farming complexes to the major population centers. No structures have been spared by the war and most are in various stages of ruin. Since there are few resources for rebuilding almost the whole population lives in repurposed and patched up ruins. Major population centers have a cycle of habitation -> destruction -> nature reclaiming -> new habitation.

The Warlords

See The Warlords of Gyda

There are those who claim the Warlords are all cast in the same mold, and there is a bit of truth in that statement. While there is some difference between them their behaviour, motivations, warmongering and strategies is mostly the same. They all for example are in power because the wars and as long as the wars are ongoing their military-industrial complexes keep them powerful.

The Anarchists

See The Anarchists of Gyda

The only ones really making an effort to change the status quo in the system are loosely connected and organized Anarchist cells. Their impact however is minuscule, more of an annoyance. With the Warlords having control over the SytemNet communication is difficult and made in code. Further there is very little trust between the cells, from personal issues to ideological differences.

The Anarchists end goal is to level all hierarchies and through that end wars once and for all.

The Unionists

On the wartorn Danassa and it's system there is a spiritual collectivist movement. Those of it seek the great Union where all is one and one is all, an idea not too dissimilar the Anarchist's goal. More than one prominent Anarchist have promoted the Unionist ideals and faith. While being messianic the Unionists lack a central dogma and organization. Various differentiating views that are heavily played down as being of little consequence. The largest gathering point is their missionary center and hospital in the Kok Asteroid belt.

Orbital Stuff

  • Moons (Atmaza, Usanso) - Danassa's moons are not untouched by the war. However their saving graces is the cost and difficulty for the warlords to maintain a presence on them. Often used as staging grounds for coordinated space and ground actions.
  • Orbital defense stations - various orbital defensive installations are in orbit around Danassa, most in geosynchronous orbit. These form the base of the Warlords stellar defenses and act as bases for their limited fleets.
  • Orbital ruins - Many orbital stations are more or less abandoned. These orbital ruins are no longer fit for their original purpose yet many have areas that are habitable. Often used as hideouts for the Anarchists and criminal elements.

Locations within


Secret Stuff

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