History of the Sector
History of the Sector
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General history of humanity and space see chapter “History of Space” (Deluxe pgs. 121+). This history chapter contains the history specific to the Sector.

A history of the sector

The sector was explored a mere century before the scream and colonization begun shortly thereafter. To the Sector’s great joy a Jump Gate was constructed in 2603, just two decades after the first colony ship. At that time things were looking good for the Sector, systems colonized rapidly, resource extraction fulfilling expectations and trade blooming.

The Scream and The Silence (2665-2711)

When the Scream emerged from the Veil Nebula in 2665 it hit the Sector after only three minutes and took all the Sector’s psions with it. The Jump gate went inert and modern ships fell from the skies with none able to operate them. Older ships were more fortunate as they were not equipped with psy-tech spike drives. Being a frontier sector with many worlds somewhat self sustaining it fared well enough in the years after the scream.

In the decades following the Scream more and more pre-tech equipment failed. Ships without maintenance and spare parts refused to fire their engines, farming equipment jammed up, and what little trade was left faded. Most worlds were left to fend to themselves, some cases each settlement even.

The Postmasters (2711)

In 2711, almost half a century after the Scream, many of the captain of the still functioning ships came together and formed the Postmasters. An organization with purpose to both share, and maintain, rudders but also to try and keep the systems in the sector connected. Several had already faded into obscurity. For two centuries the Postmasters dis what they could, with ever more patched together ships. When one ship had to be decommissioned every nut and bolt was repurposed to the rest.

The Awakening (2905-2934)

Two and half centuries after the Scream, and after uncounted numbers of teens having melted their own brains, suddenly psions in control of their powers emerged in various systems in the sector. Still a mystery unsolved. However the awakening was not with joy in most systems. The Scream having transformed into legend many psions were slain as the myth told the Scream was a punishment for Man meddling with powers she should not. Despite the aggression more psions emerged and where they found acceptance they soon found a place in society. Their control over their powers were not as the psions of legend but slowly through sharing experiences and helping each other their powers grew. A generation later psions no longer “just” could prevent their brain from melting but affect the world around them.

The Renaissance (2934-2971)

In 2934 researchers, engineers and psions in the Al-Ruhd System (0505) managed to make a spike jump using reverse-engineered pre-tech. It was capable of spike jumps but only very limited ones. Within a year over 20 vessels, some saved from the salvage yards, were equipped with these post-tech spike drives. That year over doubled the number of spike jump capable ships in the sector. A new age had begun. But nothing is painless. As the stars were opened up so did the treasures lurking among them. Three years after the first jump explorers, navigators and others with their trade among the stars formed the Cooperation of the Star-spangled hulls in response to the Crash a few months before. The Crash was two salvagers, both claiming salvage right, opening fire upon each other with mutual destruction as result.

Once new spike drive ships were able to be manufactured things happened quickly. In 2941 the Jump Gate was rediscovered but its operation beyond psions’ capabilities. Unfortunately scavengers quickly descended as vultures upon her and illegally begun to scavenge all her valuables. Within a year a small community had grew up on what was to be named Origin station. With increased communication and commerce came threat to the power structures on many worlds.

The Backlash (2971-3000)

Nobles, with claims to the Mandate’s old aristocracy, found the Hegemony of the Just Rule claiming their old rights. In response the Alliance of United Planets was founded protecting planets’ rights of self governing. It didn’t take too long before the two factions were involved in a bloody struggle that would only end 21 years later at the dawn of the third millennium

The treaty (3000)

In the year 3000 both the Hegemony and the Alliance were bleeding and seeing the writing on the wall that was corporative interests decided to call it a draw and call for a peace conference. From the conference came the 3M treaty that drew up boundaries. Systems occupied by either the Hegemony or the Alliance were to remain with their occupants. Split systems were evaluated, divided up, and later fully occupied by one faction after lengthy negotiations. It also established that a system must belong fully to one faction and that rediscovered systems were to be given a choice.

The Archon-Tetha (3047-ca 3060)

In 3047 a ship designated as mandate survey vessel Archon-Tetha arrived in the Diogeno system (0913) empty of life. In its rudder archives were navigational data allowing for pre-tech ships to traverse the void between sectors. The news terrified some and joyed some. Some tried to travel the route back to its origin but none was heard from again, the Archon-Tetha’s pre-tech spike drive were much more capable than the reverse engineered ones in the system. But that didn’t stop Archon-Tetha’s drive to be studied, and the knowledge gained led to primarily smaller spike drives making them much more affordable. Small independent asteroid miners and freighters came into business

The greater galaxy (ca 3060-3130)

It took over a decade for the next out-of-Sector ship to arrive after Archon-Tetha, this time with its crew intact. Following that ship more and more outsiders managed to make their way into the Sector. Remnants of the old Mandate financial institutions, rebranded as The Banking Consortium and Currency Exchange, were among the first of the outsiders to establish themselves. Their presence brought stability to commerce, but also a fear of outside mega-corporations coming in and taking over. Many smaller industries, guilds and unions started merging into larger entities better able to resist outside pressure.

The Treaty, part 2 (3130-3132)

With the growth of non-government entities and the establishment of non-planetary installations came the question of jurisdiction. In 3132 the Alliance brought a mining corporation before the Sector Congress, a loosely defined gathering of groups with influence and interest in the Sector, on the topic of the inhabitants of Asteroid Base Redi-9 (in the (981) Gah asteroid belt, Cyme system (0402)). The locally elected leaders, with the support of the population had petitioned to join the Alliance which the owners of the base rejected. After lengthy debate the concless came to the compromise that the 3M Treaty only affecting those systems settled and inhabited before 3000. Anything founded after that year, including its inhabitants, belongs to the founding entity.

The Treaty, void in effect (3132-Today (3167))

The immediate result of the Congress of 3132 was that the 3M Treaty between the Hegemony and the Union in effect became void except only for the older systems. As it was worded by the Congress everything established after year 3000 belongs to their founder. And as it additionally was worded this included settlements and installations in systems under the 3M Treaty unless there were prior claims. This spurred a stellar gold rush as various governments, resource extractors, financers, prospectors etc set out to stake their claim.

Timeline changes

2573: Arrival of scouts to asses the sector’s potential
2585: Arrival of first colonist ships
2601: Construction of the Jump Gate begins
2603: Construction finishes
2665: THE SCREAM. After the ages the acctual events have faded into legend, there are those who claim it to be because of human hybris, especially of the psions.
2703: Almost all pre-tech spike drive ship have stopped working, only a few minor crafts remain. The isolation begin
2711: The captains still in charge of functioning pre-tech ships band together to form The Postmasters. Sparse communication between systems is restored
2905: (ca) Concurrently in various systems reports of psions being in control of their power arrives. Some are killed in fear of a new scream.
2934: After the initial fear of the psions wear off some manage to reactivate old dormant tech. Through their abilities the spike drive is being reverse engineered. Some even manage to get old drives working.
2937: Scavengers band together to divide up the reclamation of scavenge after the ships The Albatross and The Psion’s kiss annihilate each other over a claim.
2941: The sector’s jump gate is rediscovered and named Origin.
2949: Psion-controlled spike drive ships start to reconnect the sector. Commerce is once again thought of. Post-tech spike drives at this point crude and slow.
2971: The Hegemony forms by noble houses to consolidate their power
2978: The Planetary union forms in response to the Hegemony
2979: Skirmishes on and between planets controlled by the Hegemony and the Union starts
3000: The treaty of 3M. Ceasefire between the Hegemony and the Union, controlled systems remain with current occupants. Split systems were traded to-and-forth until agreement was reached. Systems reconnected to the greater whole had to choose allegiance.
3043: Mandate ship Archon-Tetha arrives in the sector containing a retrofitted post-tech spike drive capable of bridging the gap between sectors. The hegemony captures Archon-Tetha and kills its crew for fear of losing their power to the old Mandate.
3047: Lessons from the Archon-Tetha’s spike drike brings enough breakthroughs to allow for mass production of spike drives enough to reconnect the whole sector.
3076: Unable to remain isolated from the larger galaxy as further explorers have found their way.
3078: The banking consortium and currency exchange establishes itself in the sector standardising currency and trade.
3096: Exchange with the greater galaxy not too uncommon on the main sector worlds
3110’s: Consolidation of special interest groups into larger entities to remain in control of assets under threat from outside forces.
3132: Union brings the Mining guild before a congress of powerful groups due to them rejecting their miners on an asteroid to be subjects of the Union. After lengthy debate it is decided that only outposts on planets founded or discovered before 3000 are subject to the Treaty of 3M.

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