The Mandate of the Stars
The Mandate of the Stars
Type Mandate

Think Imperial China, flowery titles

The Central Mandate Authority was divided into six bureaus, each headed by a Minister of Bureau who reported to the Central Mandate Authority

The Bureaus
Rites - Ceremony, internal security, oversight of administration, propaganda
Revenue - Taxaxtion, fines, tributes etc. And didiving it to other parts of the administration
Justice - Law enforcement (including the military)
Four Corners - Exploration, colonization and cartography
Thought - Pshycics and psionic phenomena
Public works - architecture, distributio of targeted funds, general R&D

Bureaus also had sub-bureaus taking the name of another mian bureau. For example the Beureau of Thought in the Four Courners delt with exploration and investigation of psionic phenomena. The Bureau of Justince in Thought consisted of phycic law and enforcing law surrounding phychics. Often the control of the sub-bureaus shifted depending on the ministers.

Censor of the Central Authority - member of the "senate"
Prime Censor of the Central Authority - member of the Mandate cabinet. Most were Ministers, but not all.
Minister of Bureau - Head of a Bureau

Secret stuffs

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