Warlords of Gyda

Warlords of Gyda
Purpose Do War
Public Yes
Enemy Eachother, the Anarchists
Headquarters 0106 / Gyda / Danassa

The Warlords

There are those who claim the Warlords are all cast in the same mold, and there is a bit of truth in that statement. While there is some difference between them their behaviour, motivations, warmongering and strategies is mostly the same. They all for example are in power because the wars and as long as the wars are ongoing their military-industrial complexes keep them powerful.


No Warlord has the resources for prolonged offensive actions, raiding for resources is the most common type of conflict. But that is not to say there aren't any larger actions however those doesn't really change the situation. What happens is one Warlord hoards resources for an offensive, strikes a weak opponent, expends resources and is attacked them self.

Ground action consists largely of light mechanized infantry supported by a few heavy vehicles and atmospheric craft. As actions rarely last more than a few months movement and speed is of the essence. Often taking defenders by surprise and then reinforcing to hold the recently captured objective. Engineers and field specialists are highly valued. Rarely are mercenaries involved.

In space very few determined actions are undertaken as orbital defense stations overpower the available in-system ships. Raids on convoys are what the very vast majority of actions are, quick strikes meant to capture resources. Due to the frequent raids most fleets consists of a few larger cruisers with a detachment of fighter craft onboard.

Important assets

In general each Warlord has access to a PreTech asset that forms the base of their power. These assets are shadows of their former power but are still significant. If technological expertise could be brought in these assets could be improved significantly.

The assets

  • Factory complex (manufacturing output)
  • Major orbital shipyard (better ships and maintenance)
  • Mining complex (resources)
  • Fuel refineries (more fuel for mechanized troops)
  • Biochemical infrastructure (drugs for export and improving troops)

Characters involved


Secret Stuff

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