Guarded cargo
Guarded Cargo
Starting location O-Ring station
Starting Character Helena of the Alliance

The Hegemony have some cargo they are very protective about. The delay in shipping it out presents an opportunity for someone to take a closer look


FTSB 2-2

The embassy job

Needing time for the message to travel fou sought and found work. Helena Floros at the CAUP Welcome centre had need of discreet assets. The job was to infiltrate the Hegemony embassy and find out what was in the cargo they keep under extra guard.

FTSB 2-3

Preparing the infiltration

You spent a few days surveying the embassy and realized a very good way in was to pose as janitorial personnel, which the embassy has contracted out. A few swift blows to the head and Cameron and Mr Gown got themselves some spiffy new uniforms and cracked IDs.

FTSB 3-1

In the Embassy

Disguised as janitorial services Cameron and Mr Gown gained access to the Hegemony Embassy where they begun their snooping around. The suspicious goods were quickly located and identified. Two containers marked Waveform Ent and one Phantasm Microsystems. While inside some line shuts were also placed to infiltrate the data systems.

FTSB 4-4

Information exchange

After the commotion it was decided to lay low for a few days while going over the data gathered. Companies on the containers were the surveillance and security (arms) businesses, high end. On the data extracted from the Hegemony was various personnel files, contractive, diplomatic missives and HUS (Hegemony Unity Services) notes on personnel they have under surveillance. Including one CAUP mole. After laying low for two days you took this to Helena Floros, a meeting set up in a beauty salon, and upon hearing of the mole in the records tasked you with extracting her.

Secret stuffs

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