Crystal clear thought
Crystal clear thought
Starting location Siralis 9-Alpha

The mystery of Siralis 9-Alpha and what can be done about it


FTSB 1-1

Sirsalis 9-Alpha

Explored the old station, found the odd energy signature. Some sort of Psionic dampening crystal accidentally found in the asteroid belt now feeding on the last bits of energy from the old generator. Salvaged pre-tech laboratory equipment and the research notes.

FTSB 1-3

Finding a buyer

Minakshi found a possible buyer for the research notes at least, an researcher by the name of Albert Singh (who may have the best interest of the party in mind due to failed roll).

FTSB 2-1

Business on the Origin Station

12 days later after a few uneventful Spike drills origin Station welcomed you. Making contact with a buyer of the salvage, a Pallis Dai at the Yorki Lounge, you found him willing to take things off your hands. Minakshi sent message to buyer of the lab notes to verify interest and set up meeting (sent SD-3167.04.24).

Secret stuffs

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