Anarchist Arms

What have happened

Three Brook River have been doubble-crossed by the Canton, aka Nkanta Dikwa, who is on the way to take the shipment. The Canton of cause has no intentions of acctually paying for the transportation and will string the PCs along.

The Canton

  • False contact (Nkanta Dikwa, the Canton), impersonating the real one (Three brook river). Rival Anarchist.
  • Manner: Smoothly persuasive and reasonable (appear to be their friend, everyone's friend)
  • Default outcome: They’ll flinch from paying up when the time comes (simply does not have payment, original contact double-crossed and impersonated to get the goods. Will string along PCs when asked about payment. Will offer increasing rewards for the “Delays”)
  • Ambition: An ambition for greater social status
  • Want: Steal something from a rival NPC or group (weapons, arms etc. the PC delivery)
  • Power: An NPC the PCs need has implicit trust in them (old buddy of Colin, when asked will tell the party to trust in Impersonator)
  • Hook: Always seems to be in one particular mood (forward, pushy etc)

PC connections and reasons


How much of your time between the botched extraction and now has been spent of following leads regarding your old facility? From 1-5, get that bonus to check but attention clock may increase (roll Nd6>=4)
Facility has heritage to Mandate efforts and directives.
6+ Traced history of facility to Mandate directive. Unable to find other branches active in the last few centuries.
8+ Very old Branch in system, unknown where. Only found mentions of the system itself, not the world. (when going for it, will tell you where)
10+ Few branches followed to reasonably modern activities. Unfortunately all those activities in systems you don’t feel welcome in.
12+ Branch had facilities on Dores (psionic-AI interface)


Old buddy is vouching for the Impersonator. Old buddy is head of a Worker’s syndicate at one of the space docks.

Deliver arms to Anarchist group. Will get spare parts and Old Buddy will arrange for dock time for the ship. Old Buddy NEEDS the spare part to do the work.

Mr Gown

When researching the system you have found plenty of vague leads indicating plenty of still used pretech facilities. Facilities now used by warlords. But who knows what is out there in this system so long ravaged by war.

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