Cloudless Skies


Albert Singh knows Ralos contains Psi-tech, more precisely sensory deprivation vats used in far telepathy trials. The idea was that two telepaths would each be in their vats and by depraving the psionics of their other senses they could conenct to eachother. Then they would be hooked up to communication devices and their handlers would get near instantaneous communication with each other without having to go through the jump-gates.

The task

Load up the atmospheric burners on the ship (uses standard container clamps
Fly down to Ralos and deploy at locations


Albert Singh will task the party with this despite having the capabilities himself. He knows of the inhabitants of the planet and their murderous feral nature. The last locations are unnecessary for purging the atmosphere but he knows the local inhabit those. So he counts of the locals to bring down the ship and eat the party. In his mind, foolproof.

Pre-tech installations

Location 1: far off track. large blast doors
Location 2: on track, early part. generic
Location 3: mid, somewhat off track. multiple buildings, connected by "tunnels"
Location 4: at end, in-mountains. entrace at mountainside

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