Crystal Clear Thought

General overview

  1. Arrive in system - go over job details. Ask questions
    1. Your information broker for this job, Nikoloai "The Itch" Iltchenko hasn't the best reputation. Why is that? and Why are you so "desperate" that you bought information from him?
    2. How have you prepared for the job? Do extra rolls if nessecary.
  2. The energy reading you were told about have been coming from the asteroid belt. Time to scan for it!
    1. On failure it takes a long time to discover it
  3. Run location Sirsalis 9-Alpha
  4. At interesting opportunity pilot gets a notification from ship. Another ship is in the system and somewhat nearby, it is another scavenger who runs in similar circles as you - Yoriko Naser of the Burgundy Pupil.
    1. She tauntinly congratulates you to finding the thing, but she has places to go
    2. Mentions The Sharp Leaf which disappeared half a decade ago carrying a young noble and his drwory. Apparelty she have details of its whereabouts
    3. Leaves, but not after remining the party of the trifle they are chasing
  5. Go after Yoriko? Keep investigating the station?

Dramatis personae

The party
Nikoloai "The Itch" Iltchenko
Yoriko Naser
Honored Archivist Tertia Sato, Bureau of Thought in the Four Corners

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