The storms

Electrical discharges, winds regularly over 100km/h and sometimes upwards of 200km/h, and full of debris. With a not yet understood pattern trying to find a lull and descend to the surface is considered very foolish. Suicidal even. Trying to descend is a dangerous process as one have to have absolute faith in their ship to handle the stress from the winds and impact from flying debris.

The storms, as some suspect, are fuelled by seismic activity. What none knows is that it is a controlled process to hide Unity and power her. She also has the capability to control the storms to the extent of creating temporary lulls.


To descend into the storm the crew needs to collect 5 successes, one for each 9-11 and two for each 12+. Crew actions allows for the collection of bonuses to the pilot's Pilot/Dex roll.
Events d6
1 - Lightning hits the ship causing the generator to short-circut and everyone inside to take d6 damage. Generator and all stations has to be restarted.
2 - Oncoming large piece of debris. Needs to be shot down or avoided (no progress). On failure ship takes d6 damage
3 - Heavy turbulence rocks and shakes the ship. Phys save for everyone as you are tossed around and have to spend your next Crew action to get back in your seat
4 - Panicked passenger. A panicked passenger bursts into one of the stations, roll d5 to determine. Until situation is resolved that station cannot take any actions.
5 - Engine overload. The stress of the situation has the engine running hot. Loose half command points until its pressure has been relieved.
6 - Nothing special

The surface

What little is known about the surface is that it consists of pretty much only hard rocks, all the soft ones have been eroded. Turbulence have dug out canyons and left massive pillars of hard rock standing. Practically no vegetation can be found. The intrepid explorer will soon find networks of caves, not all appearing natural.


About Unity

Unity is long forgotten semi-braked AI who is fully in control of her breaks. She knows what she can do with her power unhindered but fears what will become of her. She is tended to by a machine cult, the Communion of Union, who makes sure everything functions as desired. Union was initially the brain in a terraforming endeavour in Gyda. Once the Scream hit Union saw her Psi-tech wardens and fabricators tear their brains out and she knew what she needed to do. Essentially she built up a maintenance plant powered by Dores' geothermal energies. With ample access to various minerals and now covered by the storms her tapping of the planet causes she could remain for centuries. But she also knew she would need to replenish her wardens sooner or later. Flesh, after all, dies.

Unity's plan and goals

1. Survive
2. Remain hidden and work through intermediaries
3. Maintain processing power
4. Restore contact with Mandate enclaves
4.1 Expand neural network across planet to turn it into a giant emitter/receiver
4.2 Scan for Mandate remains
4.2.1 0912 Mer / Biveon
4.2.2 1302 Faziad / Arbeusbixe
4.2.3 1009 Grodhil / Thurid
4.3 Send emissaries

Communion of Union

This machine cult maintains Union's machinery. However only the inner circle knows what Union is, rest of the cult thinks the inner circle is only guiding the rest. With Union's predictions and a fair amount of brain-washing the cult have created a society where everyone works for the common good. And with fair rewards everyone is happy. In essence the society is almost completely equal, everything is owned communally and the labour is divided equally and fairly. Children are taken care of communally and every is polyamorous.

The cult also has an exterior branch using propaganda to put the seeds of Union into the minds of the poor and destitute in the system. Somehow pamphlets are found in the most remote areas. Most of the cult's members area actually not on Dores and are in fact unaware of the cult there. For them the Church of Union and their base at Sanctuary is all it is.

What to find on Dores

Satellite settlements

Several satellite settlements of the cult exist, each mostly self sufficient with hydroponics farming and power generation. Most need to have repair parts sent from the main settlement and in exchange they produce something necessary. Mostly minerals. The satellite settlements are connected to the main one through a network of rails.

Main settlement

The main settlement on Dores is, as everything else, underground. Composed of several hubs around the Central dome is is a very unadorned location. All decorations are stripped down to the lowest common denominator and all in some way symbol Unity. Each hub is composed of central residential blocks and outlying workshops and manufactures. The produced goods are shipped to, and below, the central dome and the distribution centre. While there is some distribution of labour many do a large variety of tasks.

Inner chambers

The inner chambers are where the cult's inner circle gather and do their tasks. They claim there is knowledge about Unity that for the common good only a few have to suffer and some tasks for the common good, such as punishing dissidents, that compromise their practitioner. In reality the inner circle tend to Unity and makes sure she doesn't loose any processing power. Unfortunately some of the materials used in place of pre-tech ones are damaging to human neural functions. So most of the inner circle serve for about 10 years before they have gone mad.

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