Dragging Up A Mole

Dogging pursuit in Khaya

The Pursuit - Upon leaving the Origin Station the Hegemony discovered her transponder signal on the ship and set off in pursuit of her. They also gathered footage from the Party's stakeout of the club and witness testimony from the beaten up guard identifying Colin and Minakshi. The others implicated by association. This data was sent by (expensive) courier along their escape vector.

The warrant - Albert Singh, the head honcho of Trud-2 works with authorities to exercise the warrant. The warrant itself was received by the Hedgemony in the System, sent to their Liason with the Alliance who, according to agreements, notified the Liason of the presence of the ship and where. Yet again, according to treaties, the Alliance had to help so a small security force together with the Liason and an Alliance counterpart have gone to Trud-2 to exercise it.

Finding Fatima - Albert will assist the authorities and point out where the ship is and will set up a meeting with Minakshi. A total double-cross. The Liason will demand the following
- Arrest of the party for running from Hedgemony craft (Counterpart will not agree to that without further evidence)
- Inspection of the ship
- If inspection is refused will make LARGE POLITICAL FUZZ the Counterpart will back down and enforce an inspection.
During the inspection of the ship the Liason will whistle/hymm the Hedgemony anthem, upon hearing it Fatmina will make presence known.

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