Fatimah Calidius
One-roll NPC
Background Minority, Aspirations for social improvement
Role in society Official, bureaucrat, courtier, clerk
Biggest problem They have a persistent sickness
Age Young adult
Greatest desire They want an entirely different job
Obvious character trait Honesty
Initial Manner Idealistic enthusiasm for a potentially shared cause
Default Deal Outcome They’ll offer a bonus for an additional favor
Their Motivation A sheer sadistic love of inflicting pain and suffering
Their Want Bring someone to a destination via dangerous travel
Their Power The NPC can threaten someone the PCs like
Their Hook Unusual hair, skin, or eye colors

Who is she

Miss Fatima Calidius, unmarried. Has a child, a boy Idowu who she loves
Recruiter for the Hegemony.
Gets vagrands/new starters to join the hegemony and do “good work and have a good life”. Cost of relocation etc told in fine print will be put on the individual’s account. Cannot leave and are forced to follow directives while in dept.
Started blue eyed and naive. Were good at her job, more responsibilities and insight “behind the scenes”. Reality opened her eyes. She met CAUP Intelligence agent and started leaking. Is only leaking, not acting against.
CAUP is her best exit strategy despite risks. Fears for son, but doing it for him.
Known to offer good terms
Has Haemophilia (blood doesn’t clot)

Current situation

"Kidnapped" by the party in their efforts to extract her
Worried beyond her senses for her son, drinks a lot to cope
Thinks escape and repentance is her best options

Old stuff


Strict routines, compartmentalize her life to cope with her horrible deeds.
At work 00-12 Station standard time. If not greeting visitors, she is in recruitment meetings or filing “paperwork”. Roll d6 to determine
Aprox 6/12. Eats lunch/dinner from various foodcarts. Want that luxury. Got 3 where she is a regular. Food vendors have been cleared by Hegemony intelligence
Free time
If at work the next “day”, reading a book/watching “propaganda news”
If not working the next day, out partying. Aka networking. And meeting contact. In the company of various co-workers (cleared, not suspecs)
Sparking Jaconite
Industrial dance establishment. Heavy AR, holograms etc. Smells of sweat and bodies. Very frequented by the station’s transient population, many booths for discreet conversations. Easy to get lost in crowd. Drop-off is on the dancefloor.
Yorki Lounge
Run of the mill gambling den. Many like it. Also is a lounge-bar

HUS Notes
- Routine animal
- Works 0-12 ST shift. Greeting, recruitment and management duties.
- Lunch at 6, visits various nearby food vendors
- Late meal at 12 after shift, visits various nearby food vendors
- Evenings spent in housing reading and enjoying appropriate video entertainment.
- Evenings when not on duty following day at one of two entertainment establishments, Sparkling jaconite and Yorki Lounge

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