Long name

Far Communication Experimental Facility - Jade Manticore (Core)


To investigate the possibility of inter-sector telepaphy and to assist FCEF-K1A in developing technologies for it.


A core facility housing the psionics, their sensory deprivation chambers, and all personnel needed for the facility's operation. Away from the core several amplifying relays to enhance and direct the telepathic signal. Also supporting facilities; spaceport, garrison, hydroponic domes.


How it was supposed to function is lost. Archives only refer to "MES-metadimensionsal-tunnelling". Specifics have been lost as that data was in K1A.


Tsos (TS05)

see Tsos (TS05)
Queen bee of the facility. Innocent, inquisitive and unstable. Since awakening after the silence have tried to establish contact with its "brothers and sisters among the stars". In the final stretch of establishing planet-wide control and fix the now broken amplifying relays.

Increasing telepathic powers

Tsos is building a MES-GraviMagnetic amplifier in the main hall of the facility. In fact most of the central parts have been demolished to fit it. It is essentially a huge electromagnetic device aligned according to the planet's magnetic field. The idea is to use the planets magnetic field to transmit Tsos influence across the planet. With full control over the planet Tsos can use her workers to repair the planetary amplifiers and she should (theoretically) be able to control the system and to start searching for her list brothers and sisters.

The facility

The facility is in good enough condition where Tsos workers haven't carved out for the device. Its outer walls are about 5m thick and reinforced to create a Faraday cage (if Tsos would know this she could just tear down the walls and control the planet). Interiour everything is well structually but the patches are visible. Some plaster here and some welds there. Looks a bit patched

When entering the facility make WILL save on failure the victim's mind starts to fall to Tsos, take 2 system strain. Success take 1.

When inside the facility and exerting oneself make WILL save, failure takes 2 strain damage and success 1. "Exerting oneself" count (and not limited to), physical checks, rolling for initiative, being frightened/shocked.

The inhabitants sleep in capsules, many walls can be seen with hexagonal latches. Since none have any individuality every capsule is very much the same. Capsules are a PostTech addition for more convenient storage of workers. There are no mess halls as every worker eats on the shift, the nutrient paste dispenser give food in metallic bowls which are then cleaned. Well, the area around the dispenser can be said to be a mess hall, but no sitting areas. Military equipment is stored in lockers at various locations in the facility.

A few individuals have exhibited special skill and have been granted access to mech suits. These workers are her heavy shock troops and heavy labourers.


Food is grown in biodomes and harvested by some workers. Once back at the central facility processed into paste.

Workers outside control

When workers leave the facility they start to suffer withdrawal, this is essentially severe for those born in the facility. When withdrawal sets in they loose their composure and becomes more feral. They will also start to desire "mother's sweet embrace".

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