Encounters space

Patrol craft from a warlord passes by nearby. Need to take active action to not be seen. Escorting cargo freighter.
If detected will be hailed, fighters scrambled. Need to have a darn good explanation to not be boarded and searched.
If detected, and not wanting to be boarded run chase in asteroid field. ASK ABOUT CHASES
If boarded with goods those are taken and /or import fee. Que administration tape of various colours. If boarded without goods suspected as spies.

When searching the cache site and dragging their feet a group of Anarchist fighters in craft land to prepare an ambush.
Introduce themselves?
Stay hidden and avoid them while searching for the goods?
Anarchists will gladly take any help they can get
If players don’t want to help, teeeeeension. Anarchists will make sure the PCs cannot interfere.

Mines are inert, doesn’t show up on passive scanners (ask about the sensors mode)
Piloting to determine how many mines
Mines are old. One at least bounces off the hull and explodes harmlessly somewhere.
Need to get out to detach mine

Fancy corporate craft swooshes by to land on the planet. Who is that?
Make scan check?
Plot course and locate later?

Encoutners other

The Unionists of pilgrimage
On their way to Dores to seek the United
Shoddy craft, will not survive storm. That much is obvious
Invites the PCs to tag along or walk in their path.
Will talk gladly about union
Too good to be true
Appear influenced. Drugs? Psionics? Hope and Love? Cyberware?
Hard check to find out, non-psionic cannot tell if it is psionic

Refugees wanting to get out of the system.
On some “neutral” location. Like a trade station or “space port”
Whole families
Have means, can pay. Stolen credits?
Some warlord wants their resources back. As in people.

The travelling entertainers
A group of entertainers travelling the system offering entertainment to warlords and troops. Everything from prostitutes to quite fancy acrobatic shows.
Good place to lay low in
Think space-gypsies
Got wares if PCs have coin
Can help with outside comms

Fighting force
Defeated/resting/preparing/doing shitty stuff
Interact with them? Avoid them?
An opportunity to get to know the commonfolks.

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