Hegemony Welcome Centre

The cargo

In the storage facilities sits a few shipping containers in a cleared corner. Next to them is a table with four chairs, on the table coffee cups and playing cards. It is obvious these containers are those sought after. While there isn't a guard posted when they first see them they soon hear from behind

"Don't stare too much, one might suspect you are not just facility services." The guard then goes and sits down at the table with a fresh cup on coffee and pulls out his datapad leaving you to do your duties.

What can be seen without rousing suspicion is the three containers. Two marked with Waveform Ent. and the markings on the third is hidden behind one of the others. Over time there will almost always be a guard at the table, often several. When multiple are there they play cards. Facility Services are only allowed nearby if there is something needing to be done out of the ordinary.

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