Sirsalis 9 Alpha


Located in a promising asteroid belt Sirsalis 9-Alpha was constructed as a hub for the system's asteroid mining. It was in service only a few years few years before the scream. It was however quickly discovered that a crystal found in small quantities in the belt hummed very faintly for psychics and a portion of the base was converted to research lab.


2659 - Founded as a resource exploitation outpost by Sirsalis by decree of Revenue in the Four Corners
2660 - Realisation the crystalsin the belt having psionic properties
2662 - Thought in the Four Corners sends Honored Archivist Tertia Sato to lead the research
2664 - Large natural formation discovered, Honored Archivist Tertia Sato in the presence of it feels her mind caler than ever before. Inital efforts of synthesization
2665 - The Scream

Events of the Screm

When the Scream hit the station Honored Archivist Tertia Satofelt the chaotic whirlpool and reached out the crystal to calm her mind. As expected it all backfired and she died twitching int the cystal repository. But she did not really die as the crystals did protect her by covering her in them. Neither is she is alive, she is preserved in the largest of the crystals. Afterwards the crystal kept growing and finding the reactor, encasing it and running it until the fuel stopped. The reactor, dur to being protected by the crystals survived for a long time. As it died crystals krept into all its small crevices.

General enviroments

  • Dark, no light.
  • No power, generator is broken.
  • Terminals off, no power from generator but can be powered up by external source. 1/6 chance of jolting the system
  • Inside very faint stale atmosphere, normal mix.
  • Lots of rust, much more than to be expected. Indicates there were oxygen and moisture for a long time after it was abandoned.

Jolt throught he system

1/6 chance when powering up something using exteral source due to old wiring etc. Need to spend days isolating systems and/or rewiring to prevent it. It is pure chance-based.
When a jolt goes through the system ligts flickers and breaks, fans spin up for a second or two, electricity sparks etc. Current terminal becomes irrevocably damaged.
Of aother 1 (1/6) electricity surges from the terminal and the operator have to make EVASION SAVE to avoid 1pt of electric damage. If this damage reduces a character to 0HP they are unconcious but stable.

1 - Entrace and loading docks

  • Hangars does not seal. Need to be powered up or physically closed.
  • Airdock doors closed due to no power and no clear from sensors
  • No other ships docked

2 - Common areas, hub, security

  • Around the central hub various common areas and recreation alcoves.
  • Nutrient paste dispensers and old sitting furniture
  • Area above, and with vision of the common room, is the security command centre. Boarded up and broken into. Plenty of signs of firefight.
    • Can find records of panic the weeks after the scream. Station placed in lockdown "until situation back to normal". Locals had very little of it and after a few weeks the security hub was breached and lockdown lifted. Everyone flew away.

2a - Storage

  • Looted. When they left the locals took everything not nailed down.

2b - Personell quarters and medical facility

  • When powered up the medical facility "works" and grant +2 bonus to heal. 1/6 chance of breking down
  • Personell quarters looted and thrashed. Doors broken down from inside the dormitories. Signs of fighting

2c - Laboratories

  • Main crystal cluster
  • Access to research terminals
  • Lab is overgrown and the equipment unusable
  • Floor to generator dissolved
  • If excavated (beware of radiation) can find the now crystalline body of Honored Archivist Tertia Sato who wakes up.
    • Deranged, violent, confused, superior
    • Does not recognise reality
    • Can only speak telepahically

2d - Workshops

  • See 2a

3 - Generator

  • Overgrown and encased in crystals. If crystal could be cleaned off could be functoning again.
  • Fuel canisters in the fuel storage corroded and contents leaked out. Generator was not refuled but rather ran until its current fuel ran out

Research on the crystals

Terminals in most parts of the base contain only generic information of the station. Ownership (Sirsalis mining and excavation, unheard of), crew numbers, production numbers etc. Contains information mentining the strage crystals

All crystals must be delivered to shift boss, severe penalty

Further information requires access to research facility terminals.

The crystals are made up of very heavy elements, Uranium and the likes. Only lightly radioactive unless broken. When broken sets off a cascade of decade but which is naturally dampened. However the cascade is very radioactive and those nearby suffer as if radiated.

For those with psionic capabilities a very soft melody can be heard. Familiar yet impossible to place, and when focused on it fades into background. How it is connected to psionics is unknown as research never developed that far.


Crystals can be synthesized. Needs plenty of power and a combination of minerals that convinelty exist in the belt. Will requre a lab set up.

Psionic capabilities

A finger sized piece of PERFECT CRYSTAL is soothing to the mind of a psionic. Crystals here are not that and it is needed in m^3 quantities for the same effects. Familiar melody yet impossible to place, and when focused on it fades into background. This can be noticed up to 10m away for part-psychics and up to 50m away for full psychics. When under the effect of the crystal (need to be within 2m of it) psionic techniques require a bit more of active thought to activate, just flavor no mechanical change. Also a psychis's mind becomes calmer, students can practise with less rish and the Torching table is different.
d12 Calm Torching
1-3 Wisdom (33% -> 25%)
4-6 Constitution (33% -> 25%)
7-8 Choose (17% -> 17%)
9-12 No harm (17% -> 33%)

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